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Frequently Asked Questions: Naptex ESD

Q. How is Naptex less expensive to own when its initial cost is higher?

A. Major savings for Naptex users comes from a service life of up to three times longer than carbon-suffused alternatives. But savings are also realized through solid assurance of ESD reliability, e.g. although a polycarbon garment might still be suitable for use after a year, the costs of routine testing are usually prohibitive. Add the savings achieved from simpler wash and care requirements and Naptex becomes the clear economic choice. See our Cost Issues page for details.


Q. Do fabrics containing steel fibers pose problems in manufacturing environments?

A. While it's true that standard steel-based ESD fabrics are troublesome in ESD environments (due to loose fibers), nsp avoids this problem by using Naptex patented yarn (see the Naptex FAQ) which permanently encapsulates a cohesive steel fiber yarn core. This design provides reliability, long life, and keeps steel fibers from irritating skin. See the Naptex FAQ page for more information.


Q. Why would I want Naptex over cheaper carbon-suffused garments?

A. Several reasons - Naptex simply provides better ESD protection, especially after frequent use and washing (see chart page 3). There are no restrictions on wash cycle or detergents, allowing the option of user take-home. And wearer acceptance is higher due to natural fiber composition. Finally, it outlasts competitive products 3:1 on average, making it substantially less expensive in the long run.



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