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As electronic components become progressively more sensitive to their assembly environments, manufacturers are examining all aspects of production, particularly the hazards of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

SMT processes are susceptible to ESD damage

Even small ESD discharges can cause latent component failures.

International ESD symbols are used on control devices and processes.

The costs of ESD-damage events vary. A component failure caught in QC may not be expensive by itself. But when the associated costs of latent failure are assessed (such as warranty and customer goodwill), clear incentives arise for controlling ESD.

ESD clothing is a key defense in minimizing circuit damage from personnel ESD paths.  This is because the conductive properties of ESD garments minimize tribocharging, a major source of electrostatic build-up generated within personal clothing during body movement.

Without effective ESD control, the discharge can easily occur at the bench or work area.


ESD control includes workstation grounding to ESD smocks.



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