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nsp manufactures many types of ESD garments and offers quick turnaround on custom styles, trim, and embroidered emblems. Visit our ESD Styles page for some examples.

nsp's ESD textile Naptex PM-4 is certified to rigorous European standards (DIN EN 100-015-1, IEC 1340-5-1). See the ESD files/links page to obtain U.S. and European reports.


Weaving is performed to assure durability and air permeability - typically in the range of 170 liters/min/cm2. The result is cotton garment comfort and high user acceptance. Naptex also resists pulling, stretching, and snagging far better than poly-carbon weaves.

Smock closures use plated steel snaps with full fly conceal. Pockets are corner-beveled and double stitched. All garments include nsp-exclusive international ESD embroidery.

Naptex ESD represents quality inside and out. We use a special high- conductive thread for arm seams - the most critical resistance point in an ESD garment - and then stitch tape it securely for durability and comfort.


Standard colors include white, light blue, royal blue, navy, beige, burgundy, teal, gray. See our ESD Colors page for renderings and request swatches.



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